2016 – The U.S.-China Tourism Year



Are you China-Ready? We hear that question a lot these days because China is one of the world’s largest outbound tourism markets and the 6th largest international market to the U.S., according to the National Travel and Tourism Office. The U.S. is expecting nearly three million Chinese visitors this year.
The U.S. and Chinese governments declared 2016 The U.S.-China Tourism Year, which is being led by the Department of Commerce (DOC) and the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA). The agreement is designed to effectively position the United States and China for increased trade in travel services and recognizes the value of travel and tourism for economic growth. This year the two countries will focus on three mutually beneficial areas:

  • Enhanced travel and tourism experiences
  • Enhanced cultural understanding
  • Enhanced appreciation of natural resources

Brand USA has created a microsite for The U.S.–China Tourism Year where you can post your China related programs. If you are conducting China-related activities, events or initiatives that fit into the Tourism Year framework, you can submit them to Brand USA for inclusion on the site.
The China market has varying levels of maturity – from first-time travelers who want to see the iconic sites to travelers who have been here many times and are anxious to see more of middle America and lesser known destinations – so perhaps now is the time to get involved in this lucrative market.