Strategic Plan

The mission of IITA is to help inbound operators facilitate travel to the United States through our expertise and partnerships with suppliers.

Vision of IITA
Bringing together the resources to deliver the U.S. travel experience to the world.

 Goal Areas
1. Member Value and Engagement
2. Education
3. Advocacy
4. Organizational Strength

Summit Marketplace

Goal 1:  Member Value and Engagement
IITA members receive a high return on investment for their membership by participating in IITA.


  • Enhance IITA benefits with business-driving programs
  • Improve the buying/selling and product development opportunities among members.
  • Serve as a catalyst to building travel to non-gateway destinations to expand services to members throughout the country and increase international buyers’ knowledge of the U.S.
  • Increase high-valued traffic to the IITA web site
  • Improve readership and responsiveness to Insights newsletter, direct communications and member surveys
  • Broaden committee participation and increase member volunteerism

Goal 2: Education
Education will continue to be a priority as a means of keeping members and the industry informed about inbound travel, current and emerging markets, and dynamic business practices.

Position IITA as the authority and source of inbound information and education, demonstrating the unique expertise and knowledge base of IITA members

Erik Hansen, U.S. Travel Association

  • Summit will be the “go to” event for specialty education on the international inbound travel business.
  • Expand education program topics to include current and future business practices, markets and trends to keep members informed.

Goal 3:  Advocacy
IITA is the undisputed authority on the international inbound travel business. We capitalize on our unique strengths and expertise to influence public policy and shape the future of inbound travel for our members. 


  • Increase awareness at all levels of government to ensure quality travel experiences.
  • Maintain a leadership presence with our partners, including the U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board, US Travel Association, and Brand USA.

Engage members, particularly inbound tour operators, in grassroots advocacy efforts to amplify our collective voice with government entities.

Goal 4: Organizational Strength
IITA is a fiscally sound and effectively governed organization.