IITA – Now What?


RSAA is now officially the International Inbound Travel Association – what exactly does that mean? To members? To the industry?
The new name was chosen to better reflect the industry represented by the association – specifically, the receptive inbound operators who serve international markets – and to demonstrate IITA’s position as the leading national authority on international inbound travel. And while you may still see the term “receptive” used to define IITA operators – and, you may see “receptive” and “inbound” used interchangeably in describing our members’ businesses, the name simply clarifies that the primary purpose of the organization is advancing the international inbound industry.
“Receptive Services Association of America was often confusing to people, even within the industry,” said IITA Chairman Gary Schluter. “Receptive tour operators can serve domestic markets, so it didn’t specify that our members were international receptives. It didn’t even have the word “travel” in the name to identify us as part of the travel and tourism industry.”
As part of the rebrand, IITA membership categories have also been redefined to provide clarity to members. Please visit the IITA website to learn more about the membership categories.